CCSG’s Dedication to Compliance:

As part of our commitment to compliance and service to clients and customers, CCSG is an active member of the Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association (ACDBA).

The ACDBA has established and adopted Minimum Compliance Standards as a statement of what parties dealing with an ACDBA Member should expect.

In addition to the Minimum Compliance Standards, the ACDBA has established and promotes a Code of Practice which is binding on all members. CCSG adheres to and promotes the Minimum Compliance Standards and the Code of Practice of the ACDBA through all of its collections efforts and companywide practices.

Operating in a professional manner at all times
Fostering and promoting a culture of awareness, respect and fairness to debtors.
Conducting monthly industry training and quarterly compliance training and testing
Adhering to the Debt Recovery Guidelines established by ASIC and the ACCC for our industry
Employing licenced commercial agents
Providing formal internal dispute resolution and external dispute resolution should the need arise

Complaints Handling Procedure

CCSG is a company dedicated to working with its stakeholders to ensure a compliant and hassle free collection process.

If you feel that any of our clients have not acted in a compliant manner we encourage you to contact our Compliance Manager.