Commercial Debt Recovery

CCSG takes a case by case approach to our commercial debt recovery clients. Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ attitude, we tailor our recovery strategy to suit the situation and the needs of your business. This helps to accelerate turn-around while protecting the integrity of your business.

Every CCSG client is assigned a dedicated collection agent with particular skills and experience in their industry. This enables our clients to draw upon experienced personnel for industry specific advice as well as general debt recovery assistance.

Our collections team has been highly trained in all commercial collection strategies and has a strong understanding of the laws surrounding debt collection. Working closely with CCSG Legal and Taylor Investigations helps our collection team accelerate outcomes with an end-to-end service.

Our strategies avoid the practice of sending excessive amounts of demand correspondence to debtors, as this often adds no direct benefit in getting your debt paid sooner. CCSG operate under the following practices:

  1. CCSG demand to debtor – compliance period 7-21 days (depending on jurisdiction)
  2. Follow up phone calls with set compliance dates (client specifies)
  3. Review with client
  4. If account is not settled or arrangements not made, legal proceedings are issued.

Litigation Services

While most collection agencies outsource accounts when litigation is necessary, CCSG offers a full suite of litigation services under the one roof. CCSG Legal is our team of specialist lawyers who have a wealth of experience recovering debts across all jurisdictions in Australia.

With our collectors and solicitors working together in house they are able to discuss the most appropriate strategies that can be utilised to manage costs, avoid litigation where possible and recover the debt.

If litigation becomes necessary, CCSG can transition seamlessly from debt recovery tactics to litigation.

Our litigation team is focussed on a quick and efficient turn-around of their clients’ matters.

To obtain further information about the CCSG Legal follow this link

Consumer Debt Recovery

CCSG has extensive experience recovering consumer accounts for a broad range of client in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Motor vehicle hire
  • Strata management
  • Banking and finance
  • Government.

We have the strategies and systematic processes to take on large volume accounts for our clients.

CCSG is results-driven, delivering maximum recovery rates by treating small and large debts with the same determination.

Compliance is critical in ensuring regulatory adherence and brand protection of our client. CCSG’s collectors are highly trained in all ACCC/ASIC guidelines and relevant industry codes and laws. We act with the utmost care to protect your professional reputation, while setting up payment arrangements that will accelerate recovery.

Debt Purchases

Consumer Debt Purchase

Consumer debt purchase has become a growing trend in the banking and finance markets over the last 20 years.

CCSG has seen such trends as an opportunity to assist credit providers in the recovery of distressed debt whilst providing a seamless transition in the purchase of such debt.

CCSG’s goals in consumer debt purchase are:

  • Maintain client image and reputation in the marketplace
  • Provide a seamless transition between sale and purchase
  • Provide quality assured and compliant procedures

Commercial Debt Purchase

With the growing trend in consumer debt purchase, CCSG has identified a market for commercial debt purchase.

CCSG will purchase commercial debt ranging from $250,000.00 to $1,000,000.00. Upon successful due diligence CCSG will release funds to its client within 24 hours.

Please contact Daniel Taylor of our office to discuss in further detail any of the services listed above.

Insurance Recovery

CCSG’s acts for some of Australia’s largest insurance groups.

Our efficient systems, processes and career collectors enable CCSG’s insurance clients to maximise return on their claims.

CCSG manages large volume referrals and ensures that the referral process is seamless to our clients.  We provide customisable report and invoicing to each of our client’s needs.

Insurance collections often requires the need for litigation.  CCSG works with our in house legal department (CCSG Legal) to provide an efficient transition in the referral process.  CCSG Legal Solicitors are always available to assist our collectors in the determination of positive litigation files.

Insolvency Recovery

Over the years CCSG has built relationships with many of the eminent insolvency practitioners in Australia.

CCSG provides specialist advice and debt recovery services to Administrators, Liquidators and Trustees in the recovery of outstanding debt.

Through CCSG’s proven experience and knowledge in insolvency recoveries, CCSG has been able to maintain a high success rate. CCSG regularly conducts seminars for insolvency staff on Civil Claims procedures and effective debt recovery.

We Deliver Results

Our client-centric focus and industry experience enable us to tailor a debt recovery strategy specific to each clients needs. We offer a flexible model and maintain close working relationships with our clients with whom we proudly have longstanding relationships.

We believe we are large enough to manage any account and small enough to care about every client.