About Us

CCSG is a full service debt recovery agency incorporating contingent debt collections, legal services, investigations and debt purchase.

The core to our success is the way in which we incorporate each of our services in each of our offices ensuring that our debt collectors, Solicitors and investigators work together in the one office to drive the  debt recovery process for our clients.

Our collective staff utilise one computer system which facilitates greater efficiency in our work. Clients have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of the professional staff working on their accounts have access to the same information and are focused on an agreed outcome.

  • Incorporated collection, legal and investigation services

  • Customer and Compliance centric collection environment

  • Customer extranet for 24/7 engagement with customers

  • Quality and Compliant Collections environment and culture

  • Digital call analytics driving compliance and customer experience

  • Industry leading technology driving collection and customer engagement

  • Tailorable and adaptable collection and reporting environments

Our Team

The team at CCSG is educated, dynamic and motivated. We encourage our team to work autonomously while utilising the experience and expertise of their colleagues. We believe the key to our success is our people so we employ staff we want to work with, people we are proud to represent our clients.

We have a winning culture and a high work ethic that continues to drive our business from strength to strength.

Commercial Debt Recovery

CCSG takes a case by case approach to our commercial debt recovery clients. Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ attitude, we tailor our recovery strategy to suit the situation and the needs of your business. This helps to accelerate turn-around while protecting the integrity of your business.

Every CCSG client is assigned a dedicated collection agent with particular skills and experience in their industry. This enables our clients to draw upon experienced personnel for industry specific advice as well as general debt recovery assistance.

Our collections team has been highly trained in all commercial collection strategies and has a strong understanding of the laws surrounding debt collection. Working closely with CCSG Legal and Taylor Investigations helps our collection team accelerate outcomes with an end-to-end service.

Our strategies avoid the practice of sending excessive amounts of demand correspondence to debtors, as this often adds no direct benefit in getting your debt paid sooner. CCSG operate under the following practices:

  1. CCSG demand to debtor – compliance period 7-21 days (depending on jurisdiction)
  2. Follow up phone calls with set compliance dates (client specifies)
  3. Review with client
  4. If account is not settled or arrangements not made, legal proceedings are issued.

Litigation Services

While most collection agencies outsource accounts when litigation is necessary, CCSG offers a full suite of litigation services under the one roof. CCSG Legal is our team of specialist lawyers who have a wealth of experience recovering debts across all jurisdictions in Australia.

With our collectors and solicitors working together in house they are able to discuss the most appropriate strategies that can be utilised to manage costs, avoid litigation where possible and recover the debt.

If litigation becomes necessary, CCSG can transition seamlessly from debt recovery tactics to litigation.

Our litigation team is focussed on a quick and efficient turn-around of their clients’ matters.

To obtain further information about the CCSG Legal follow this link www.ccsglegal.com.au.

Consumer Debt Recovery

CCSG has extensive experience recovering consumer accounts for a broad range of client in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Motor vehicle hire
  • Strata management
  • Banking and finance
  • Government.

We have the strategies and systematic processes to take on large volume accounts for our clients.

CCSG is results-driven, delivering maximum recovery rates by treating small and large debts with the same determination.

Compliance is critical in ensuring regulatory adherence and brand protection of our client. CCSG’s collectors are highly trained in all ACCC/ASIC guidelines and relevant industry codes and laws. We act with the utmost care to protect your professional reputation, while setting up payment arrangements that will accelerate recovery.

Debt Purchases

Consumer Debt Purchase

BBRC Investments Pty Ltd (ACL 502723) is CCSG’s debt buying entity working with financial institutions in the purchase of distressed accounts.

BBRC participates in both inventory and forward flow agreements.  Each account acquired by BBRC is managed through CCSG ensuring that the highest level of compliance and customer engagement is maintained.

BBRC and CCSG is focused on:

  • Maintaining originators brand and reputation in the marketplace
  • Providing a seamless transition between sale and purchase
  • Providing quality assured and compliant procedures
  • Working with customers for positive results
  • Identifying hardship and providing positive outcomes for the customer

Litigation Purchase

From March 2017 BBRC Investments and CCSG Legal has been working with Liquidators to acquire claims conferred on them personally by the Corporations Act.

BBRC and CCSG Legal work with Liquidators and Creditors alike to recovery claims against directors and third parties.

Insurance Recovery

CCSG’s acts for Australia’s leading insurance groups, specialists insurers and  State based insurers.

Our efficient systems, processes and career collectors enable CCSG’s insurance clients to maximise return on their claims.

CCSG manages large volume referrals and ensures that the referral process is seamless to our clients.  We provide customisable report and invoicing to each of our client’s needs.

CCSG is at the forefront of insurance collections leading the industry with our recovery rates.  CCSG provides a holistic management of our clients portfolios partnering with our clients to build internal capabilities whilst ensuring the right files are provided to CCSG for recovery.

Insurance collections often requires the need for litigation.  CCSG works with our in house legal department (CCSG Legal) to provide an efficient transition in the referral process.  CCSG Legal Solicitors are always available to assist our collectors in the determination of positive litigation files.

Insolvency Recovery

Over the years CCSG has built relationships with many of the eminent insolvency practitioners in Australia.

CCSG provides specialist advice and debt recovery services to Administrators, Liquidators and Trustees in the recovery of outstanding debt.

Through CCSG’s proven experience and knowledge in insolvency recoveries, CCSG has been able to maintain a high success rate. CCSG regularly conducts seminars for insolvency staff on Civil Claims procedures and effective debt recovery.

CCSG is dedicated in:

As part of our commitment to compliance and service to clients and customers, CCSG is an active member of the Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association (ACDBA).

The ACDBA has established and adopted Minimum Compliance Standards as a statement of what parties dealing with an ACDBA Member should expect.

In addition to the Minimum Compliance Standards, the ACDBA has established and promotes a Code of Practice which is binding on all members. CCSG adheres to and promotes the Minimum Compliance Standards and the Code of Practice of the ACDBA through all of its collections efforts and companywide practices.

Operating in a professional manner at all times
Fostering and promoting a culture of awareness, respect and fairness to debtors.
Conducting monthly industry training and quarterly compliance training and testing
Adhering to the Debt Recovery Guidelines established by ASIC and the ACCC for our industry
Employing licenced commercial agents
Providing formal internal dispute resolution and external dispute resolution should the need arise

Connect by CCSG

CCSG has developed with it’s software partner a Customer Extranet called Connect by CCSG.

Connect enables customers to engage with CCSG in reviewing their case, organising or amending payment arrangements.

CCSG is committed to developing future add on’s to Connect enabling a broader level of engagement with customers.

  • 24/7 access for customers to their account with CCSG
  • Establish payment arrangements with CCSG
  • Amend payment arrangements with CCSG
  • Resource documents for customer and third parties
  • Multiple payment methods for payment

Contact Us

Street Address
Level 4 10 Park Road
Hurstville, NSW 2220

Phone 02 8568 6500
Facsimile 02 8568 6559
General Email nsw@ccsgroup.com.au